I’m often asked what really helps a teacher to be successful. What is it that makes a teacher excel and succeed in teaching? Of course there are many answers to this question, and I cannot possibly write an exhaustive list. Nevertheless, over the next few weeks I will attempt to share with you what I think contributes to a teacher being successful. For me, success is NOT a destination, it is a daily thing. It’s the little things we do every day that help us to do brilliantly overall.

How to Succeed In Teaching

Here are the first five strategies for: “How To Succeed In Teaching”:

There is an easier way. It’s called Peer, Pause, Position and it is a quick, easy and effective classroom management strategy.

  1. Do more than what’s required.
  2. Show initiative.
  3. Be diligent.
  4. Choose a positive attitude.
  5. Be a good example.


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