Teacher collaboration and meeting with colleagues for planning and program development is a regular part of most teachers’ days.

Teacher Collaboration Meeting_Megan Dredge

Teachers are expected to collaboratively plan learning experiences and reflect on how successful they were. Some meetings really need spicing up and often teachers find planning meetings frustrating because it feels like time is wasted, however, the benefits of working collaboratively are so important. So, how do you make your collaborative planning meetings productive and beneficial?

Here’s 9 ways to have amazing meetings:

  1. Have a regular time.
  2. Have a start and a finish time. And stick to it.
  3. Identify roles.
  4. Bring snacks.
  5. Make it relevant.
  6. Set and send an agenda prior to the meeting.
  7. Be inquisitive not judgmental.
  8. Allow everyone to contribute.
  9. End the meeting on a positive note.

To think about this week

If you are the LEADER of a meeting, identify two things you can do in your meeting this week to make it even more beneficial for those attending.

If you are an ATTENDEE at a meeting, think about what positive contribution YOU can make to help the meeting be more productive and more enjoyable.

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