Most of us report to someone who is our leader, our oversight, our boss. Whether this is your principal, your team leader, or your department or district leader, the relationship you have with your boss is critical for your work success and career progress. (If you’re a new boss, here’s some helpful tips for you). A good working relationship makes work more enjoyable for everyone.

How To Get Along With Your Boss

Here’s 5 important beliefs you must have in order to get along with your boss:

Belief 1:
Getting to know my boss will help both of us.

Action step: Focus on being interested, not interesting.

Belief 2:
My boss is just a person too.

Action step: Accept your boss’s weaknesses.

Belief 3:
My boss’s behaviour and attitude is not my responsibility.

Action step: Take responsibility for MY attitude and behaviour.

Belief 4:
I am a problem solver.

Action step: Sigh less, solve more

Belief 5:
Good relationships take time.

Action step: Take a long view.

This week’s assignment:

Which one of these five beliefs would most help you with your boss? Focus on that belief this week.

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