100 Ways To Praise A Child

Great teachers understand the importance of genuine praise for each child in their care. Praising a child is an important part of developing their confidence and self esteem. Praise needs to be regular, genuine and specific. Your words are powerful and have a big impact on the students you teach.

Below are 100 ways to praise a child. I’ve listed them for you and you can also download a cool printable pdf by clicking the download button below. Print it out and put it where you can easily and regularly refer to it.

100 Ways To Praise A Child
100 Ways To Praise A Child
A great printable page – 100 Ways To Praise A Child. Print it out and put it somewhere prominent.
1. Way to go
2. Bravo!
3. Fantastic
4. You’re catching on
5. Wonderful sharing
6. You’re on target
7. You tried really hard
8. You’re a good listener
9. I knew you could do it
10. You’re a problem solver
11. Good thinking
12. Thanks for helping
13. Hooray for you
14. What an imagination
15. You learn quickly
16. Love your ideas
17. Beautiful sharing
18. You tried something new
19. Great answer
20. Now you’ve got it
21. You figured it out
22. Magnificent
23. Marvelous stuff
24. I’m happy that you listened to me
25. Love your presentation
26. Thanks for all your hard work
27. Looking good
28. Outstanding performance
29. Brilliant
30. Congratulations
31. You’re a real trooper
32. Well done
33. Super
34. You’re a winner
35. You’re on target
36. You are so kind
37. Tremendous effort
38. Well thought out
39. Good for you
40. How original
41. You made my day
42. Bingo
43. Spectacular
44. Amazing effort
45. Proud of you
46. Nice work
47. Excellent
48. You made it happen
49. You should be very proud
50. You’re a champ
51. You’ve made progress
52. That’s the best
53. Phenomenal
54. You go the extra mile
55. You are unique
56. Nothing can stop you now
57. Nice try
58. Superb
59. That’s good manners
60. Thanks for caring
61. Wow
62. Good stuff
63. It’s nice to see you helping others
64. Dynamite
65. You’re always willing to try again
66. Good planning
67. Hooray
68. You’re catching on
69. Awesome
70. Well done
71. Inspiring
72. That’s very mature of you
73. You’re the greatest
74. You’ve got it
75. Love your ideas
76. Beautiful
77. Fabulous
78. Your work is improving
79. Looking good
80. Outstanding
81. Keep up the good work
82. You are responsible
83. You tried hard
84. Thank you
85. Thumbs up
86. Wonderful
87. Thank you for being honest
88. You set a good example
89. Your effort really shows
90. You’re focused
91. Super
92. Great discovery
93. That’s correct
94. So proud of you
95. Well worked through
96. I like what you said
97. You’re a champion
98. Now you’ve got it
99. You are so switched on
100. Super star

This week’s assignment:

I’ve put these 100 quotes into a nice colourful page for you. Download it, print it out and put it somewhere where you can easily look at it and use it.

100 Ways To Praise A Child
100 Ways To Praise A Child
A great printable page – 100 Ways To Praise A Child. Print it out and put it somewhere prominent.

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Enjoy the moments.



QUESTION: What strategies do you use to praise your students? Leave your comments here.