Megan Dredge - 10 Helpful Reminders To Avoid Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed?

We’ve all been there as teachers.

Some days it just seems like it’s all too much.

I want to encourage you – you’re totally normal! We all have bad days and bad weeks where we feel like giving up. And that is OK. The most important thing is to have some strategies in place that you can use to help you refocus and regain your passion for the most incredible career in the world – teaching.

Here’s 10 helpful reminders to avoid overwhelm:

1. Breathe – literally, just breathe. Take a deep breath in and out and relax. You’ll notice how this really helps you!

2. Take a break – actually do nothing during recess or lunch and just take some time for yourself.

3. Go for a walk – fresh air really does make a difference and is one of the best things I know for helping you to calm down and gain perspective. Take a walk around the block and smell the roses.

4. Talk to someone – I am amazed at how many teachers never actually verbalise what they’re going through. You don’t have to tell your whole life story, but sometimes a 2 minute conversation with a colleague can give you the exact perspective you need. Try it.

5. Ask questions – these could be questions to yourself or questions of others. Sometimes our feelings of overwhelm are due to lack of information or incorrect information. Asking a few clarifying questions can make all the difference.

6. Take the pressure off – stop beating yourself up and give yourself a massive break! Teachers are notorious for setting themselves unachievable goals in impossible time frames. Take the pressure off yourself and take a break.

7. Let some things go – here’s the simple truth: you can’t do everything. So let some things go.

8. Reward yourself – buy yourself a coffee, take yourself shopping, do whatever works best for you. Plan little rewards for yourself along the way.

9. Say goodbye to guilt – quit feeling bad. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get rid of regret. Just take each day one at a time and do the best job you can with that day.

10. Laugh – yep, laughter is the best medicine. When was the last time you smiled? Had a good belly laugh? Told a joke? Teaching is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Have a good laugh and get that energy pumping.

This week’s assignment:

Here’s the thing: overwhelm can be overcome.

This week, when those feelings of overwhelm creep in, choose one of these simple yet effective strategies to help you beat it. You are in charge of your emotions. Don’t let your emotions boss you around. Take charge. Take control. As you do this, you will notice that you indeed will overcome your overwhelm.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.



P.S. What strategies do you use to overcome feeling overwhelmed? I’d love to hear them 🙂